Eating Training Gyro Bowl


Feed your kid without worrying that they’ll spill their solid or liquid food! Now, mealtime and teaching toddlers how to eat by themselves is more fun, safe and mess-free!

This amazing spill-proof bowl keeps food in place no matter how your child spins, turns, dumps or drops the bowl, absolutely play-and-temper-tantrum-friendly! 

Not only keeps your children’s mess to a minimum, its cool planet Saturn-design and vibrant color are also definitely eye-catching and so make kids more eager to eat, perfect for picky-eater toddlers!


 NO SPILL IN 360° SPIN: the gyroscopic effect is what makes the bowl to maintain its balance, making food inside unaffected by any tilting or rotation.

 MESS-FREE AND MORE FUN: keeping your baby’s food in the bowl – and off the floor – no matter which way it turns.
✅ ATTRACTIVE BOWL WITH PLANET SATURN DESIGN: Kids will definitely love it, it’s unique design attracts a child to eat and make them eager to try new foods. 

 DURABLE & SAFE: made of high-quality plastic and food-grade materialsimply won’t break, crack, discolor, warp, melt or flake away.

✅ EASY TO ASSEMBLE & CLEAN: each part can be dissembling and wash separately. So, it is super easy to clean each part of the bow.


  • Size: 9 cm x 7 cm
  • Colors Available: Blue, Pink

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