Earring Lifters for Stretched Earlobes


Helps with Stretched Lobes, Heavy Earrings, and Bad Piercings!

Wonderbacks are designed to be used in place of original backings to keep earrings comfortable, secure, and upright, from front to back.

"Highly recommended for anyone who wears earrings! Seriously...I love big earrings but I'm always scared of my lobes tearing so I would never wear them, but these earring lifters fit perfectly and make my earrings look amazing. They fit on the backs of all of them, so I even wear them with my studs. Also hypoallergenic (I made sure to check before). I wish I found these earlier. Love them!" - Julia

  • STOPS EARLOBE SAG- Quick fix for piercing holes that have loosened over time, sagging stretched earlobes and heavy earrings that hang too low on your lobe.

  • SECURES AND SUPPORTS- Instantly lifts your post earrings, giving firm and secure support and holding them on your lobe just as they ought to be, high, straight and looking fabulous!

  • UNIQUE DESIGN- Heart-shaped upper section transfers the load across a wider area on the back of your ear and lifts the post into a horizontal position, stopping any sagging but without any added pinching or pressure.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY- Made with hypoallergenic sterling silver or 18k gold-plated sterling silver so you can wear them with the confidence that they won’t irritate your ears.

    1. Hold from the back tabs and make sure the heart is facing upwards.

    2. Slide the post of your earring into the opening on the 18K Gold Hypoallergenic Support Earring Back as you would with any earring back. Tighten or loosen as needed to fit your earring.

    3. With your earrings lifted and more secure, you will feel more beautiful and more confident.

    Package Includes:
    • 2 pairs(4pcs)

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